Tonight was the last stop on the Wisconsin Leg of my Midwest Masters World Tour. I dropped in with the Elmbrook Masters team in Brookfield. I sent a few emails to the team last week and they were nice enough to let me drop in for an evening. Tonight they were swimming at Brookfield East High School and the pool was crowded! Lots of swimmers spread across about 6 lanes.

I could feel my early morning workout while I was in there, but I still had a lot of juice left. I thought that I was going to fade real hard but I managed to maintain a pretty healthy pace throughout the whole workout.

Here’s what we swam tonight:

400 warm up

4 x 25 drill IM order

Repeat x 3
50 drill @ 1:00
3 x 150 free

50 easy

300 dolphin kick w/ breaststroke arms w/ fins

300 IM broken by 50 @ 1:00

50 easy

2700 yards total

Tomorrow I leave for Illinois for some swimming and then off to the USAS Convention!

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