Swimming is serious business :)

Went out for another excellent swim in Avila Beach today. Since we had a paddler out there with us this time a few of us went on a more ambitious route. There is a rock about 3/4 of a mile off shore that we swam out to. The water was about 59 degrees today but there were a few spots out where it felt like it dropped 3-4 degrees. I’m told there’s a little reef out there that drives the colder water up to the surface.

Our excursion out to the rock was the openest open water I’ve ever been in. It was fun, a little scary, but fun. On the way back I decided to pick up the pace and push it a little harder on the way in. I sighted on the wrong buoy and took a different line than the other 2 guys out there with me. Our paddler came out and told me to aim wide left of the buoy that I was aiming for because there was a big kelp patch around it. Once I got back to the buoy line I followed that back to the pier. I met up with the other two swimmers at the last buoy and then sprinted back in towards the beach.

After our swim we had a little pot luck lunch on the beach. It was unreasonably gorgeous in Avila today! I got to know a lot of the other swimmers a little bit better and since they haven’t had a website for a few years I offered to help fix that up for them. So that’s how I’m going to spend the rest of my Labor Day. Tomorrow I will make a reluctant return to a pool (just kidding, I love the pool to :) and on Friday I take off for Chicago!

Today’s route

If you look really hard you can see the rock we swam to

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