Today was my first day back in a real workout since the start of the USAS Convention. I actually swam a little bit yesterday but it was for only like 20 minutes to loosen myself up after a full day of traveling. The group I workout with has no interest in LCM but a few people do race in SCM season so we are in “early season mode” right now. The plan is to focus on technique for a bit and then go on from there.

Today was a backstroke-centric kind of day. Once I got my rhythm I felt pretty good in the water today. Here’s our workout:

300 swim
250 kick
200 pull
150 kick
100 swim

10 x 50 backstroke kick @ 1:00

8 x 75 back (drill/drill/swim) @ 1:30

6 x 100 25 back 75 free @ 1:30

2700 yards total

It was really nice to be out in the sun again. The only bonus to swimming in hot and stuffy indoor pools is the ceiling. My backstroke is much straighter with a roof over my head. Seriously though, I will take an outdoor pool over an indoor one any day… even a cold day.

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