Amy over at ReachForTheWall just reported on the FINA Masters Technical committee meeting that a lot of us have been waiting for with baited breath here. If I’m reading the article correctly they had a two day meeting in Sweden and I think essentially nothing happened.

Here’s an excerpt:

The committee decided during two days of meetings in Sweden to “recommend to the FINA Bureau that it approve the FINA swimsuit rule … for masters competition,” said Nancy Ridout, the only U.S. member of FINA’s masters technical commission, in an e-mail.

The FINA Bureau next meets in mid-January.

…and a little more:

The decision Saturday by the FINA masters committee to send the issue back to the FINA Bureau hardly clarified the matter for U.S. Masters Swimming officials, who had said they expected a concrete directive from the committee itself and were prepared to take action based on that ruling.

“We expect them to issue a ruling,” USMS Executive Director Rob Butcher said last week. “What it is going to be is anybody’s guess.”

So they decided that they were ok with the elite swimsuit ruling, but the regular FINA Bureau can go ahead and make a real decision themselves in like 3+ months when they meet again.

I think I speak for almost all Masters swimmers regardless of their swimsuit preference when I say… MAKE A DAMN DECISION!!!! Honestly people, do you even realize there are tens of thousands of people that have been in swimsuit limbo for pretty much the last year? Dragging this out hurts swimmers, sponsors and Masters in general. Even though I don’t agree with the direction things are going, just hurry up and do it already! Sheesh!

4 Responses to “FINA Facepalm”

  1. Tony Austin says:

    Every message from FINA is an A/B test. Let's say both A and B and see which the public will accept. Then we inch forward.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is riduculous. I need a zipper for medical reasons, Icannot wear suit straps on my shoulders. Does this mean I can no longer compete in Masters competition?

  3. Tony Austin says:

    We will know for sure in January… This is really a bunch of political nonsense.

    As far as I am concerned a Masters competitor should be able to wear wetsuit, fins, and helmet if they want to if it means theor swim would be more meaningful and fun.

    Of course world records and medals is a different matter but I guess I was wrong to think that Masters Swimmer could screw around and have a goo time.

    Who knew!?

  4. Rob D says:

    USMS seems to be very accommodating for medical needs, they just need a solid decision before they can start making exceptions for medical needs.