I’m in Monterey for the day and I decided to wake up early to walk down to the Monterey Sports Center for a swim. I swam here back in the day when I was stationed at the Presidio of Monterey and I tend to drop in whenever I’m in town. It’s a really nice facility but it’s not ideal for the competitive focused swimmer. The pool is way too hot and it’s not the right length. I always thought it was about one stroke too long so I finally asked somebody how big the pool is. The girl behind the counter said it was purposely built at an odd length so that it couldn’t be used for swim meets. Personally I found her answer a little shocking, why would anyone spend that much money to build a pool and then make it unusable for anything other than lap swim? Oh well.

Anyways, I did about 30 minutes in the pool. Just enough to make it worth the walk down and to wake me up. I swam about 1500(ish) yards.

On the walk home I stopped at the Paris Bakery which I highly suggest you drop in on if you’re in the neighborhood…

mmmm… fatty deliciousness :)

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