View from one of the bridges the 1 milers swam under (Pic courtesy Diana P. from La Mirada Armada Masters)

So they’re finally here, the final results from the Naples Island Swim. I’m excited to finally see these because I was dying to know my time and compare it to my swim in 2008. This year I swam 33:07.67 which is a 7:41 drop from the year before!!! I am super stoked at the progress made during the year. I was second in my age group again this year, but this time there were more than 2 in my age group and I was only about 4 seconds out of first… next year, look out for me :) Overall (men & women combined) I was 18th out of about 93 that swam the 1.25 mile course.

If you swam at Naples Island go check out your time here, and if you didn’t swim you missed out. See you there in 2010!

(btw thanks to Ahelee for pointing out that the results were posted!)

2 Responses to “2009 Naples Island Swim Results are Now Available!”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Can I just say here that this is perhaps the slowest OW "mile" I have ever done!
    Ha Ha!
    And in such calm water too!

    I loved the course – had alot of fun swimming it as I recall it at this point.

  2. Rob D says:

    Yeah I still wonder how long it really is… they say 1.25 but it feels a little longer than that even!