They have now posted a Psych Sheet for Big Shoulders on the event website. It’s basically just a big spreadsheet of everyone that has signed up for the event. If you’re swimming on Saturday check it out to ensure that they have you swimming the correct distance and your wetsuit/no wetsuit preference correct. If you want to change anything or see any errors contact the race director per the instructions on the site.

There are currently 746 swimmers on the list, the event caps out at 800. 317 women and 429 men. 104 are planning to wear wetsuits, 642 are not. 222 swimmers are going to do the 2.5k swim and the other 524 are signed up for the full 5k.

Since the psych sheet data came out all in one unsorted document I broke it down and pdf-ed it into more readable chunks. Click on the race you want to see below. I have it divided into regular and wetsuit divisions and those are broken up by age group.

2009 Big Shoulders Men’s 2.5k
2009 Big Shoulders Men’s 5k
2009 Big Shoulders Women’s 2.5k
2009 Big Shoulders Women’s 5k

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