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Chicago!!! Check out that view!

I swam the Big Shoulders 5k this morning, wow. What a cool swim! All the big buildings downtown are pushed right up to the lake, it felt like we were swimming through downtown. Very unique venue.

I got down to the beach around 6:45 and spent the next 30 minutes standing in lines. First line was to check in and get your correctly colored cap and timing chip. Next line was for your goody bag, 3rd line was for t-shirts, and the last line was for body marking. Considering there were about 800 people swimming this all went pretty smoothly. It didn’t give me as much time as I wanted to get acclimated though. I managed to spend about 5 minutes in the water getting used to the temperature and the feel of fresh water. Since I forgot/lost/misplaced my BodyGlide I ended up going with my Finis Tights instead of my Blueseventy Nero because I was worried about cutting a hole in my neck again. I ground up my armpits pretty bad though, I was really missing my BodyGlide about 3k into the race!

I was in the first wave that started at 8am, it was in water start which I’m not a huge fan of. They strung out a rope of the start line and sent us off with a siren. The rope thing was a good idea until some one decided to swim over the top of it instead of under it. I managed to sneak under but I think whoever was behind me caught a facefull of that rope! At the beginning I got stuck behind a slow group so I had to make my way to the outside to find some open water and cruise past some folks. I had a problem with navigating on this course. The buoys were really far apart and I couldn’t see them until I was real close. I mainly sighted off of other swimmers to keep me on track.

While swimming out there it was really easy to get distracted by the scenery. It’s not often that you get an unobstructed eyefull of the Sears Tower while you’re swimming! The other thing that was sort of cool was how clear the water was. I could see straight to the bottom for most of the course. On the way to the first buoy there was a big plant/algae forest. Didn’t see any fish though.

I ended up crossing the line at 1:21:02 which is a few minutes faster than my last 5k swim. Once I do a few more of these I should be able drop that time quite a bit (hopefully). I was 246th out of I’m what I would guess was 550-600 swimmers that did the 5k, wetsuit swimmers included. I was 14th in my division which means I was either totally manhandled by my age group or a bunch more 25-29 year olds signed up after the first psych sheet was released. We’ll find out tomorrow when they release the results online.

After the swim I got to hang out with some of my teammates from CSAM and meet a few new people that recognized me from the web. Now I’m up in Wisconsin and I’m off to go hang out with some old friends in Milwaukee!

early morning on the beach

there were lots of lines to wait in…

random action!

The CSAM/Ventura Big Shoulders Crew

6 Responses to “2009 Big Shoulders 5k Wrap Up”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Great Job Rob!

    Glad you guys had fun :)

    See you in Chicago!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Ahelee! It was Heidi, Kurt and Larry that really rocked it though!

    When do you get into Chicago? I've got plans to workout in Illinois that morning and I should be to the hotel in the mid afternoon.

  3. Tony Austin says:

    That looked really scary.


  4. Rob D says:

    I felt pretty fearless out there since there isn't anything in the lake above me in the food chain :)

  5. Nick says:

    Nice job Rob!

    I swam Big Shoulders for the 1st time this year. However, I didn't have the arms to do the 5k like you.

    So I just did the 2.5k and other team members of teamschmult.com did the 5k.

    How did you finish? Are you going to do it next year?

  6. Rob D says:

    Thanks Nick, I finished pretty squarely in the middle of all the 5k swimmers… I got worked over pretty hard by my age group though. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the trek out to Chicago again next year, but if the opportunity arises I'm all over it!