Photo Source: Swimming World Magazine

You know how plenty of anti-suit people keep saying the swimmers should just drop their techsuits and race in briefs… well the 200 IM A Final at the US Open in Federal Way did just that. After making the finals in their regular techsuits they made the switch to the banana hammocks.

Here’s an excerpt from an article about it in the Seattle Times:

Before the start of the event, the swimmers received a standing ovation for their pact to compete in the less competitive suits.

“Some of us were joking around about wearing briefs if we made finals,” said Jack Brown, who won the 200 IM in 2:01.56. “Then we made finals, so we talked to the other guys. It was just something fun we did to end the meet and the summer season.

“It definitely hurt quite a bit more. It was definitely the hardest 200 I have done in the past four to five years. I think the last time I wore a brief in a meet was when I was 12 years old, but it was definitely worth it. It was a lot of fun.”

Personally I like techsuits and as a general rule I am very anti brief style swimsuits… mainly for aesthetic reasons… but I have to admit that this is fun to see. Lots of swimmers at World Champs in Rome talked a big game about how bad the suits are and they can’t wait until “swimming is swimming again,” but none of them backed up all that tough talk by dressing down. These kids went out there and just did it. High five to them for doing what they think is right, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it.

You can read more at Swimming World Magazine, the Seattle Times, and probably just about every single swim blog tomorrow morning.

One Response to “US Open 200 IM Final Goes for the Grape Smugglers”

  1. Ahelee says:

    We all got a real kick out of this in INDY today!

    Still… most of us prefer to see our masters swimmers a bit more covered!
    Ha Ha!