I got my Finis AMPhibian fullbody suit last night and I tried it on as soon as I got home. I’m a fair sized gentleman so I bought the biggest size available (34) and just hoped for the best on sizing. Usually the smallest suit I will attempt is a 36, but then again everyone uses a different sizing system and none of them make any sense so I just buy big and see what happens.

One of the oddities of this suit is that it has zippers on the bottoms of the legs. The upside is that it is really easy to step into and out of the suit. The downside is that you have little zippers fluttering right against the backs of your ankles. I haven’t gotten this suit wet yet so I don’t know if it’s a distraction in the water or not, but I think it might be. Plus if you have hairy legs it might be a little death defying to zip these things by yourself.

After being pleasantly surprised at how easily I stepped into the suit things took a turn for the worse. The waist was almost impossible for me to get past my hips. It has like zero stretch. You can see in some of the pictures that it trims my waist waaaay in. The jumping, wiggling and gyrations required of me to get into this thing were ridiculous. I would never put this on in a public locker room. This is a get-it-most-of-the-way-on-at-the-hotel kind of suit. Eventually I got it up and over my hips and then shoulders. It was on a little crooked but the thing is so tight that I couldn’t shift it around… and frankly I wasn’t going to take it off and try again. I was getting sweaty at this point for all the effort require to get in the goofy thing.

Heidi thinks that I look like a robot with the weird stomach panel. She also asked if it was a maternity escape hatch that could be removed in case of baby bump. I’ll admit the stomach thing is very odd. It also has some kind of strap across the middle that makes for some interesting lines if you’re a little doughy like me.

I’m not sure when or where I’m going to get to try this thing out in the water, but it feels like it would be fast. It might even end up on a friend of mine before I wear it underwater. The material is slick and the compression is borderline unreasonable. It’s not the type of suit that I would wear all day long at a meet like a B70 or my TYR Tracer Light. It would have to come off between events. On a skinnier person maybe not. No matter what happens, this seems like a pretty good deal for $60

I also bought a pair of Finis Hydrospeed race tights. They’re size 36 and might actually be too big for me. The waist is fine but they’re a touch too long. I recently got my hands on a pair of TYR Fusion 2 race tights and they’re also 36′s. The TYR suit fits tighter and isn’t as long. I think I’m going to try out both of these in practice to get a feel for them since I don’t have a pool meet until October to do my experiments. I’ll report back later.

6 Responses to “Trying on My New Finis Suits”

  1. Glenn says:

    It's impossible NOT to comment on this. I've swam with one, and it is indeed interesting. I'm not sure it's made for me, as the "maternity escape hatch" (beautiful imagery by the way), made for even some of my thinnest swimmers develop a "pooch"… which on me, meant a "bulge".

    Thanks for the pics though. And now we can truly say… it's NOT about the suit. :)

  2. Ahelee says:

    See what I mean Rob – WEIRD!!!
    Still like you best in your TYR or B70 :)

  3. Rob D says:

    Ahelee you were right… I knew you were right… but at $60 the swimsuit scientist in me couldn't pass up seeing it for myself. You're definitely most likely to still see me out in my TYR and B70 suits, but this suit might pop up on a few random CSA or SPMA swimmers during SCM season.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I couldn't help myself either, and got one of their older model, a HydroSpeed female clipback (thinking it might last longer than a tech suit). I took it to the pool for a test drive yesterday, and was indeed slightly faster than usual, but only very slightly. It might just have been the excitement of wearing the suit – who knows? Plus, the discomfort of clipping the thing and its tendency to, ahem, have less coverage of one's behind than a regular competition suits, make it a pretty impractical choice for workouts and meets. Incidentally, it's made of textile, so one would think it'll still be legal after Jan 1, 2010 (unless I'm mistaken).

  5. Rob D says:

    Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a lot of people took advantage of Finis' big sale. I would venture to guess that the Hydrospeed suit you bought would be legal next year no matter what. It's textile and falls well within the coverage guidelines.

    I really like the feel of the Hyrdospeed material in my hands. Haven't tried it in the pool yet, but I'll probably try it out at practice this week.

    I had to go look at the web site to see what you were talking about coverage wise… you weren't kidding! That is a narrow cut on the back… makes me glad I'm a dude, I could never pull that look off :)

  6. Marcia says:

    Oh my gosh…this is hilarious!! And I can only say that because I look exactly the same in the one I just put on (after struggling for at least 20-30 minutes!) Does this thing give at all or conform to your body after wearing it in the water?? Please…anyone that can answer that!! Thanks!!!