I went to Santa Maria to workout today and the pool was open this time, yay! I’m still kind of pissed that I drove all the way down on Tuesday just to find out they were closed for maintenance. Anyways… today started a little slow. We had to wait for one of the guards to sprinkle magic fairy dust into the pool because the pH levels were off. I’m no scientist but I doubt you can change the pH level of a 50m pool in 10 minutes by sprinkling mystery powders into it, but hey whatever. I wanted to swim, not debate my scientific theorems with a 19 year old lifeguard. I will share part of my hypothesis with the rest of you however… I think the pH level is off because the urine level is way down (ewww). School is back in session and the population of the pool has dropped about 94%. No more screaming children and having nerf balls land in my lane while I’m swimming. This pleases me greatly.

There were 4 of us there for workout today. I was excited to be back to a regular workout but my shoulders were tight as hell through the whole thing. I’m still a little stiff from Naples Island I guess. Hopefully I get this out of my system before my overly ambitious 5k swim on Sunday. Speaking of that…. I’ll be in Long Beach on Saturday and I think I want to swim in that buoyed off area down by 54th and Ocean in Alamitos Bay. Anybody want to go? I’m not 100% on what my plans are yet, but that sounds like a good time to me.

Here’s today’s workout:

500 kick/swim choice
300 reverse IM kick/drill/swim by 25

100 dolfin kick on back

7 x 50 kick on 1:15

6 x 150 free
1-3 @ 2:15
4-5 @ 2:05
6 @ 1:55

6 x 100 free
1-3 @ 1:30
4-5 @ 1:25
6 @ 1:20 (used it as warm down instead b/c we were running late)

2750 yards total

In other news, my Finis suits that I picked up for super cheap the other day showed up right after I got back to the office. I’m going to try them on tonight and see what happens. The full body suit actually looks bigger than expected but doesn’t feel like it would stretch as much as other suits. I’ve gone for and 85% of it not fitting to a 50% chance. This should be exciting.

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