Avila Beach, gorgeous as always

I have been looking for people to swim in the ocean with locally pretty much ever since I got back into swimming. I finally found a guy that swims with a group out of Avila Beach which isn’t too far from my house (I ride my bike there every once and a while), and I came out to swim with them today. It was totally fun!

We met up around 10:45 to figure out who was there today and how far the group wanted to swim. I was down for whatever they wanted to do, and we ended up putting together a loop that’s probably a mile and a quarter-ish. The plan was to swim out to the buoy line and then swim South to the end of the buoys. Once we got out there we would regroup and then swim back around the top of the pier to the last buoy on the other side of the pier. We finished with a straight shot back under the pier and then we hung a left to get back to the beach.

Our Route

The water was a balmy 61 degrees which is cold but not too bad. It was about 60/40 on wetsuits. I went out in a Jammer and I think that was the right choice. It took a few minutes for the transition from cold to burning to neutral to occur. I probably evened out once we got to the first turn. Since this wasn’t a race we stopped occasionally to regroup and make sure we still had everybody. I might be faster than some of the people out there today, but a lot of them have TONS of open water experience and I’m much more at ease out there knowing I’m in such good company.

I’m definitely going to try and make this an every Sunday that I’m in town kind of thing. Something about open water just makes me happy on the inside and I’m glad I finally found some people in the neighborhood that feel the same way!

The Cal Poly (formerly Unocal) Pier in the distance

Avila Beach Pier

Grim reminder of a very bad day in the ocean for one swimmer

4 Responses to “Sunday Swim in Avila Beach”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Great to see you found an open water training group!
    OW is like another sport… and the people are pretty cool.
    When you get the bug to go longer and swim one of The Channels, I'll be on the boat!!

  2. Rob D says:

    If I attempt any kind of crazy person distance that requires a boat, you are definitely on the boat! The first borderline unreasonable swim that I really want to do is Pismo Beach to Avila Beach, it's 6-7 miles of super coastal awesomeness. Once/if that ever happens we can sit down and talk about channels :) I've gone ahead and put on all the weight necessary to do a cold water crossing, now I just need to do all the training and stuff… I'll let you know how that goes…

  3. Swimming for ME says:

    wow I am jealous.. except of course for the shark thing.

  4. Rob D says:

    The shark thing is a downer, but it's pretty consistently beautiful at that beach. I'm going out and swimming there again tomorrow!