Santa Monica College Pool

I drove down to Santa Monica this morning and dropped in to swim with my buddy Tony and the SCAQ Masters. Apparently this was a “small” workout for them. I was in a lane with about 5 other swimmers. I haven’t been in a workout with that many people since I was an age grouper! The crazy thing is that I didn’t recognize anybody… apparently there are about a quarter billion SCAQers all over the west side and beyond.

Yay Tony!

Anyways I worked about 3/4 of the work out and then eased up for the last bit. I was starting to tighten up in my quads and calves and I really didn’t want to get a big cramp just a day before a major swim.

Here’s the workout:

400 warm up

4 x 50 free
2 x 100 back
4 x 50 free

Repeat x 5 on a descending interval
4 x 100
R1. breast/free
R2. free
R3. back/free
R4. free
R5. fly/free
50 easy between each 4 100′s

8 x 25

About 3400 yards total (I probably swam about 3200)

While I was in Santa Monica I had a little celebrity sighting! I was sitting in the car next to the pool and I saw a really familiar bald dude. It took me a minute to put it together but it was Evan Handler who I know from the show Californication, he’s also pretty famous for being in Sex and the City as well. I took a covert cell phone picture as proof.

non crappy cell phone pic source: IMDB

Tomorrow I’ll be out at the Pacific Open Water Challenge in Long Beach. If you see me out there say hi!

2 Responses to “Short Course SCAQ Brunch”

  1. Awesome Person says:

    I'm SO jealous!! You were in water with Evan Handler!

  2. Rob D says:

    Alas not quite… he was present but not actually in the pool.