One of my friends likes to say that if you take a 70 year old runner and a 70 year old swimmer, the runner will look 90 and the swimmer will look 50. I’m routinely shocked at how old some of the people I swim against are because they look years younger than they are. Something about swimming just seems to keep you young. Well some scientist types, who happen to be swimmers themselves, are studying other masters swimmers to see how their lifetime commitment to swimming is affecting their aging.

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Right now I have the opposite problem, everyone thinks I’m about 10 years older than I really am… hopefully through the magic of swimming I’ll at least be able to catch up to even in looks and age :)

Today was relay day at the Natatorium, there’s 2 more days of individual events coming. You can keep track of the results here as they happen.

One Response to “Scientists Study Aging at USMS Nationals”

  1. Ahelee says:

    I think these kids are going to have a great study!
    There were tons of swimmers filling out questionaires around the pool deck and in the bleachers.
    Eney almost missed her heat while doing the on-site testing. The interviewer had to remind her to get out to the pool!

    In every toilet stall, there is a poster with Uncle Sam pointing and asking if you are a US Masters Swimmer because he wants YOU (to join the Doc Councilman Study)!

    Yes, its true – the masters swimmers are young looking and acting beyond belief.