it feels as good as it looks

I had Heidi snap a picture of my B70 bite so that I could share the fantastical discomfort I’m enjoying right now, she says the picture doesn’t do it justice. It looks like I was burnt with a clothes iron. Apparently it has had enough of all the salt water abuse I’ve been dishing out to it. Like I said yesterday, about 2500m into the 5k my suit started chewing into my neck. Nothing like grinding a hole in your neck in salt water with direct sunlight on it huh? I took what I thought were the necessary precautions and Body Glided up all the contact points for my suit, but apparently it didn’t work out. My best guess is that my sunscreen and the salt water broke down the Body Glide. Boo. I’ve never had this happen before, but I’ve also never swam more than 1.25 miles in a tech suit before. I’m thinking I might wear leggings for Big Shoulders… not sure yet, I really like wearing the Nero Comp in open water.

If you were at the Pacific Open Water Challenge yesterday your results MIGHT be up here. I say might because mine aren’t there… not cool. Apparently my goofy little bracelet didn’t set off the finish timer at the end of my race. I’m kind of pissed off that there’s no proof of my swim other than a wonderful abrasion on my neck. I guess it’s a good thing I hung out by the finish chute to ask the guy on the platform about how long it had been. **UPDATE: Yay the list of finishers has expanded by 4 since it first popped up at lunch and I am now on it! The time is about 1 minute slower than what I was told, but it’s also the exact same time as someone else (I didn’t cross at the same time as anyone else) so I guess I was estimated into the results… whatever, at least now I was actually officially there!

Tonight I went to my pool in Pismo and did a short swim just to loosen up my arms and shoulders. They were really tight this morning. I did get a little grindage on my B70 bite, but hopefully it won’t hurt too much when I go to practice tomorrow down in Santa Maria.

6 Responses to “My B70 Bites Back”

  1. Tony Austin says:

    It looks like you were wearing a sandpaper scarf!

  2. Ahelee says:


    If this doesn't convince you even still, that you carry your head way too high on your freestyle, I don't know what else will man!!

    At least while it is healing, experiment with looking down – or at least more down than forward.

    This may turn out to be the silver lining for your technique!

    Great job at the POWC race by the way… Looks like a nice turnout – and a great day once again!
    I was really sorry not to make it up there. But I did get to swim the Sunday morning workout at least!

    Not sure I'll see you before Convention in Chicago.

  3. Rob D says:

    Tony – that's what it feels like dude, and it's extra mad at me this morning after doing a short swim last night.

    Ahelee – I was waiting for this comment… as soon as it happened I thought to myself Ahelee is totally going to pick on my head position :) I'm trying to level it out, I promise! I don't think I'll be able to go to Corona Del Mar this weekend so I guess I will see you in Chicago in a few weeks!

  4. Wendy says:

    In case you can't instantaneously put Coach Ahelee's advice into action, will a rash guard fit under that suit?

  5. Rob D says:

    I'm not sure… I'll have to find my rash guard and see. Luckily I have about 3 weeks until my next race so hopefully it won't be an issue by then.

    In the meantime to deal with the aftermath, I picked up some vaseline type stuff this morning to try and smooth it out and give it some kind of coating for my swim this afternoon. If that doesn't cut it I may try a wearing a rash guard at practice while it heals up.

  6. Ahelee says:

    TRISLIDE is the new magic… spray
    (skin glide silicone spray)

    So they say around here…