One of my CSAM teammates that is also doing Big Shoulders next month forwarded me an e-mail from the race director that went out the day before I registered. The gist of it is space is running out! Here’s an excerpt:


We are getting ever closer to hitting the maximum number of entrants, meaning that registration will close. If you haven’t already registered – don’t delay, do it today. If you have friends who are waiting to see if it fits with their horoscope – the stars say “register.” Go to

And while we’re at it, they covered legal swim suits as well…

Swim Suits

Apparently Michael Phelps isn’t the only one thinking about suits this year. We’ve gotten a number of inquiries about what is legal for the race. Bottom line – we follow the USMS/FINA rules regarding suits, so at least for this year, you can wear that super-fast, super-expensive suit for Big Shoulders if it complies with the USMS rules.

So there you have it. If you’re not registered soon you won’t be registered at all!

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