The big wild fire is still burning but Santa Maria was all clear with blue skies, a nice change of pace from the brown haze of doom we had on Tuesday. Attendance was kind of light and a lot of us had the luxury of our own lanes which was good because there was a lot of fly, back and breaststroke in the workout today. The original workout was actually much longer (too long for the allotted time), but it seemed like everyone had stuff going on back at work to take care of and nobody wanted to stay late to finish.

400 choice
4 x 100 kick @ 2:00
200 pull

4 x 50 fly/back @ :50

8 x 75 (odds: fly/back/breast, evens: back/breast/free)

150 pull
4 x 100 free IM

150 cool down

2500 yards total

That 4 x 50 fly/back turned out to be way harder than it should have been. I think we need to start doing more stroke work. We do a lot of freestyle which is good because I’ve seen time drops from it, but I also used to do about a quarter of all my workouts butterfly when I was training exclusively by myself. I need to start building my fly tolerance back up.

Tomorrow is either going to be an off day or an easy swim at the gym. Saturday I split for LA and hopefully find my way into a practice of some sort somewhere. Then Sunday is the main event of the weekend… the Naples Island Swim. I am stoked. Got an email today from my coach letting me know that we’re going to be around 12 people deep for the swim from Conejo Simi. If you want to swim and you haven’t signed up yet, you can still do it online or on the beach Sunday morning. You can get all the entry details here.

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