So uh… no body said anything about long course…

I swam with my adopted team, the Conejo Simi Masters, this morning. In order to make it to the 7am workout I had to leave Pismo at 4 in the morning! Yikes! I’m not a morning person so this was an exciting drive.

Everything was just fine once I hit the water however, even if it was long course. I thought LCM season was all over, apparently not. Here’s what I swam this morning:

300 free
400 kick
500 pull

4 x 50 free @ 1:00
4 x 100 free @ 1:45

200 easy

2000m total

The rest of the team kept going after the 4 x 100 set, but those of us doing the Naples Island Swim tomorrow were cut loose early. Now I’m off to spend the rest of the day floating around the greater Los Angeles area. See you in the water tomorrow morning :)

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