I’m up in Mountain View for a thing at Google today and I took the opportunity to wake up entirely too early to go swim with the Mountain View Masters for a little bit. I made sure to pick a hotel real close to the pool and it turns out that I was close enough that I probably could have walked. They were at the Rengstorff pool because their regular pool is under going some maintenance. The team has 2 Thursday morning practices and I had to go with the early one that starts at 5:30 because my event gets going at 7:15. There was a decent number of people out and up this morning with about 3-4 people per lane and everyone was real friendly to a random stranger (me!) in their pool before the sun came up.

Unexpectedly this was a SCM workout which I don’t think I’ve ever actually had the pleasure of doing. Between the whole meter thing and the mix of yellow pool lights and my orange googles it took a while for me to get a grip on where the walls were. There was a light just to the left of my turn marker that kind of made the whole thing disappear until you were right on top of it. I made some questionable turns at the beginning there. Luckily no cranial contact was made with any walls!

500 warm up

4 x 100 drill (odds free/back drill, evens fly/breast drill)

4 x 50 kick swim IM order

Repeat x 2
4 x 50 stroke (1st round fly, 2nd round back)
200 IM
200 Free

2300m total

There were 2 more rounds of the main set scheduled but I had to split to get to my meeting on time. I’m actually here right now blogging from the Google Mothership waiting for this show to get on the road! Hopefully next time I’m up here whatever meeting I have going on gets started a little bit later. If you’re in Mountain View and you want to do a morning workout the masters team is drop in friendly, just make sure you bring $7 with you to pay for your workout. All the workout times and locations can be found at mvm.org.

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