I went down to Santa Maria to swim today not being totally sure what to expect when I got to the pool. There’s a big wildfire brewing about 25 miles East of the city that has been raining ash up by my place (about 25 miles north) and even up to San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. I was worried the air quality at the pool was going to be awful. The whole drive down I had hazy brown skies to the East but luckily the wind wasn’t blowing towards town and things were ok enough at my pool. The sky still looked brown and ugly there, but at least there wasn’t any ash falling.

There was no pre-planned workout today so we made it up as we went along. It came out pretty good. If nothing else I’m still sore so it worked!

200 free
200 kick
200 pull

10 x 100 free (1-4 @ 1:30, 5-7 @ 1:25, 8-9 @ 1:20, 10 @ 1:15)

100 easy

200 pull
200 IM
100 free
(3 x 200 pull was what was prescribed, I made some changes)

Repeat x 5
4 x 25 @ :40 3 fast 1 easy
(free, free, fly, free, im)

2700 yards total

I did really well with the 10 X 100 action up until #9, that’s where I started to fade on that set. This however is a major improvement from just a couple of months ago where it would have been more like #4 that I started dropping off at. I took a little personal liberty with our 3 x 200 pull just because I wanted to do a 200 IM to not do freestyle for a minute. And the 25′s I sprinted my brains out on… like my-heart-felt-like-it-was-going-to-explode sprinting. Unfortunately I had to get back to work and didn’t have time to do a quick cool down after… totally the wrong answer! I hurt! I should have just been late, oh well. I’m hoping to sneak off to my gym later for a late night swim to loosen up my arms and lower back.

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