I think this just sucks. Blueseventy went to Rome like FINA wanted with enough free suits for whoever wanted one, even though a lot of other manufacturers didn’t. They gave away product as instructed in the spirit of a “level playing field.” After a week of giving stuff away for free they ended up getting $10,000 worth of merchandise stolen. Not cool. You can read the whole story here.

Whether you like the techsuits or not, you have to agree that FINA has really jerked around all the manufacturers that make the suits we wear when we race. Personally I think the small swimsuit companies have gotten it the worst. It takes a big budget to be able to deal with that much rule changing, uncertainty, and confusion… I know my business couldn’t easily handle that kind of turmoil. And now to have a ton of product stolen, that’s got to hurt.

Blueseventy’s Nero Comp isn’t personally my preferred pool suit, but I like to use it in open water and a lot of my friends love their suits. The thing I like best about blueseventy is how invested they are in swimmers. All things being equal I would probably buy one of their products before a lot of other brands because I know if I had a problem with it they would care. Every interaction I’ve had with them in person and online has been positive and I think they’ve been excellent corporate citizens of the swimming community.

If you’re in Rome or come across a pink or grey blueseventy nero comp (like in the picture with this post) from a shady seller or at an unbelievable deal don’t buy it! There’s a good chance it’s stolen and the Italian police are going to want to have a word with you if you’re running around with one!

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  1. Glenn says:

    Were all the Speedo reps accounted for? ;)