My swim was pretty lame tonight. I wanted to swim, my body apparently had better things to do. I went to my gym in Pismo and started out fine enough but I was totally out of focus. Just one of those days I guess. After like 20 minutes of swimming I cut my losses and hit the showers. I think I’m becoming swim-tastically co-dependant… it’s been getting a lot harder for me to workout by myself a lot of the time now that I have been doing group workouts for a few months. I need to find a way to either work in more lunchtime workouts or maybe start swimming evening workouts in SLO. That would make the who do you swim for question a lot more complicated wouldn’t it :)

Since I’m not so interesting today here’s some more exciting stuff to check out…

  • SCAQ Blog: Triathletes should be certified by the USMS or USA Swimming! – Tony’s got a good point, open water can be a dangerous place even for good swimmers.

  • Swimming World Magazine: Comparing Eras in Swimming – A guest post by Chris DeSantis that stirs up the suit debacle pot a little bit. Chances are you’ll either love it or hate it :)
  • Swimming for ME: New Training Technique – Want to do some resistance work in open water? This is how you do it!
  • Go Swim: Triathlon Skills with Sara McLarty
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