Normally I don’t swim in Santa Maria on Fridays but it’s like 100 degrees here and I was in a bad mood this morning so I decided to fix it aquatically. When I got there the pool deck was pretty empty which was surprising considering the weather. 1 other masters guy showed up, and luckily it was the one that pushes me the hardest. He’s definitely faster than me in most things during a workout, but I can almost keep up with his pace so just having the two of us there really pushed me to not fall behind. I could never have done a workout at the intensity that we did it today all by myself.

We kind of made up a workout on the fly in the pool. The IM order 50′s were mine, my workout partner prescribed the 200′s.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

12 x 50 stroke/free in IM order @1:00

6 x 200 free @3:15

100 cool down

2500 yards total

It wasn’t as long as we typically go in a workout but the yardage was very high quality. Those 200′s were a killer. We both got plenty of rest on that interval, but we really worked it while we were swimming. I think I’m going to sleep through Saturday because I’ve been traveling a lot for the last few weeks, but Sunday I am very stoked about. I’m scheduled to go swim at Avila Beach which is just up the road from me. If you’re in SoCal and you’re looking for some open water swimming this weekend go check out the Corona Del Mar 1 mile swim, it sounds like it should be fun.

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