Today was a very chill workout in Santa Maria and I am very glad that that’s how it panned out! My arms are still tight from my 5k swim and my left shoulder is a little crunchy so I was just looking to take it easy today. Plus I still have that really attractive scrape on my neck that isn’t particularly comfortable. I slathered it in some kind of vaseline type cream to minimize the friction and it seemed to do ok through a short practice.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

5 x 100 kick/swim by 50 w/ fins

400 pull

6 x 50 back/free

8 x 25 sprint

100 easy

2100 yards total

We got a new swimmer in the pool today who is going to be joining us occasionally and it was actually somebody I know. He swims up in SLO most of the time and I’ve talked to him at a few masters meets. He’s a nice kid and a good distance swimmer.

I also stumbled upon something today that I’ve been in search of forever… the ever elusive local open water training group. One of the guys I workout with is into triathlons and told me that he swims at Avila, I promptly invited myself :) I’m hoping to get out there this Sunday and swim with some locals out in the ocean, should be fun!

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