I’m out of my mind… tonight I registered myself for 10k worth of swimming split – between 2 swims! I’ve decided to make my way back to Long Beach for the second weekend in a row to do the Pacific Open Water Challenge 5k. This is masters sanctioned and was picked up in the SPMA open water schedule not too long ago. If you want to swim this weekend in Long Beach there is also a 1/2 mile swim and a 1 mile swim available.

All the information and entry details for this race are available at: www.pacificopenwater.com

The real reason that I decided to step up and do such a big swim is that I’ve been wanting to do Big Shoulders in Chicago for quite a while. I even blog-dreamed about it way back in March. Since I am going to be in Chicago a few days after Big Shoulders for the United States Aquatics Sports convention as a delegate for SPMA I stretched out my time on the midwest coast to make sure I could find a way to do this swim. I’m still figuring out flights and places to stay and stuff like that, but if nothing else I am now a registered swimmer for the event. On top of being a super cool 5k swim, this is also the USMS Open Water 5k Championships! This will be the 2nd open water national championships that I’ll have the chance to do this year (I swam the 1 mile open water championships at Lake Millerton back in May). I’m stoked, apprehensive… but stoked :)

If you want more info on Big Shoulders you can check out their website here and the entry form here

4 Responses to “5k Open Water Swim Mania”

  1. Swimming for ME says:

    Great tip! I am going to consider this for next years race line up.

  2. Rob D says:

    Cool! It just happens that one of the swims I really want to do next year it the Alcatraz swim you did this year. I just want to know that if I were ever imprisoned on an island that I could successfully escape in an aquatic fashion. Not that it's ever happened to me before, but you never know :)

  3. Ahelee says:

    Hands down this open water swim race has the coolest event name of all!
    I always regret not getting a t-shirt when I swam here a few years ago!
    Course I already have big shoulders, so I guess I don't need to advertise it across my chest anyway!

  4. Rob D says:

    I could always pick you up an extra t-shirt and scribble out the year… it will be Big Shoulders T-Shirt Couture… very exclusive stuff