It’s been kind of a blah week for me so far, but I’ve got to look at the bright side… I’ve got a big swim meet and an excuse to stay in Thousand Oaks this weekend, an open water swim in Santa Cruz the next week and the Naples Island Swim shortly thereafter. I just have to grind out the next couple days and then my schedule will really pick up with events and traveling which is always fun.

My swim tonight was real easy with some fast stuff mixed in. I need to rest up a little bit and keep my feel for the water. I’m going to workout with my group in Santa Maria tomorrow but I’m going to half ass it. I’ll probably do the first half and then bail out, I don’t want to over do it right before a big championship meet.

Here’s what I swam tonight:

300 swim

8 x 50 odds fast choice (free, fly, back, brst, free), evens free cruise

100 kick

4 x 25 sprint alt fly free

100 cool down

1100 yards total

I did some more experimenting with a “galloping” stroke tonight. I think I’m going to run with it. It seems to work for the way I’m built and it plays well to the strongest parts of my stroke. The only thing I worry about is over stressing a shoulder.

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