I’m not feeling too great physically today but I really wanted to go swim for lunch. I made my way down to Santa Maria and luckily the workout wasn’t too intense. My biggest concern this afternoon was not getting lapped by the ~100 pound high school girl that was in our lane. Ever since summer break has started we’ve had the occasional age group swimmer drop in with us. I think they show up for 2 reasons 1)work on their tan 2)make up for missed morning practices with the age group team. Anyways, here’s the workout:

5 x 100 split 50 kick, 50 swim

500 pull

5 x 100 split 50 stroke, 50 free (I did fly, fly, fly, back, breast)

500 pull

400 Free IM
300 Free IM

2700 yards total

The rest of the group did a little more than that, but I had to get out and run back to work.

Just a quick reminder for all you procrastinators – You can still enter the 2009 USMS Southwestern LCM Zone meet, but your entry has to be received by the 18th (Saturday). At this point your entry is late and it’s going to cost you and extra $10.

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