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Now that there aren’t any pool meets for like 2 months I’m shifting my focus to open water for a while. After a fairly weak swim at lunch today, I went to the gym tonight and swam an extra 2000 yards. I felt way better in the water this time around. I think I’ve got all the residual stiffness out of my muscles from the Zone meet last weekend.

Saturday morning I’m driving up to Santa Cruz for the 36th Annual Roughwater Swim. This will be my first open water swim in rougher, choppy water… I’m not sure how rough the water really is, but I bet it’s more exciting than the glassy water of Lake Millerton!

Anybody out there a Santa Cruz Roughwater Swim Pro? I could use a few pointers! I really don’t have much of an idea of what I’m in for this weekend. Swimming around a pier sounds simple enough, but I’m assuming it’s slightly more nuanced than that :)

If you feel like swimming around in really frickin’ cold water in Santa Cruz this weekend come check it out! You can enter on race day, check out the race information here.

One Response to “Switching Gears for Open Water, First Stop: Santa Cruz”

  1. Ahelee says:

    If your hotel has a pool – warmup in it before the swim!

    Try to swim in the ocean the day before the race. If the course is open – great! If not, just get in to get used to the feel of the NorCal water. Totally different than SoCal.

    Rob – here you need to wear a cap – 2 if possible!