Today was my first day back in the pool since the SPMA LCM Championship meet last weekend. I slept off Monday, went to a doctor’s appointment instead of swimming on Tuesday, and yesterday I was at a Judas Priest concert which was outstanding. Now I need to face the reality of my impending open water swim in Santa Cruz this weekend.

Our workout today was semi-structured. Half of us ended up doing our own thing. Normally I like to stick to the workout, but I’m feeling crunchy in my left shoulder and my muscles are still tight from the 12 or 13 races I swam across the weekend. I think I just need to swim out the soreness and I’ll be good. I’m thinking about swimming another 2000 yards or so tonight.

Here’s what I swam so far today:

800 reverse IM (kick, drill, kick, swim by 25)

100 kick

500 swim

2 x 200 free (cruise 3 sprint 1 by 25)

1800 yards total

I was planning on at least 200 more yards but I got to talking for a while and then someone got hurt in the shallow end of the pool and we all had to get out. Apparently a kid jumped on someone’s head and hurt their neck, no good man! There were fire trucks, ambulances, the whole bit. Hopefully everyone is ok!

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