I wanted to get out and swim in an outdoor pool today but everything was closed. Instead I went over to my regular pool in Pismo.

I’ve kind of decided that days I swim in Pismo are now dedicated to more distance type swimming to get me ready for open water swimming. I’ll save sprints and interval training for group workouts. Anyways, I got in and hooked up my music player and got moving. I swam for just shy of 30 minutes, I would guess that it was 2000 yards-ish. I need some kind of lap counting solution that isn’t overly obtrusive. I’ve seen stuff like finger counters and devices you push on each time you get to a wall, but nothing that wouldn’t require some deviation from how I actually swim. I guess what I really need is a pad that records all my times and turns at one wall… I would venture to guess that there isn’t a reasonable and inexpensive way to do that, someday hopefully. Anyways it was a nice relaxing swim. It took me a few hours to build up the momentum to actually leave the house and workout today but I’m glad I did.

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