I picked out my events for the ’09 LCM Zone Championships last night and I sent in my entry today. If you want to swim this meet and you haven’t entered yet I highly recommend getting your entry sent out on Tuesday!!! I’m going to swim the 50/100/200 free, the 50/100 fly, and the 200IM. I still haven’t swam the 100 or 200 free in long course so those will be surprises, but I have an idea of the times I want to hit in the other events.

While I was at it I sent in an entry for the Santa Cruz 1 mile Rough Water Swim which is coming up on August 1st. Having lived in the Monterey Bay area I know how cold the water can be up there, but I think this will be a cool swim and good practice for the Naples Island swim.

Tonight I made my way out to the pool and put in 2100 yards. My calf muscle in my left leg is still pretty chewed up from the meet this weekend and giving me some problems walking around. Luckily I’m ok in the pool, I just couldn’t push that hard off the walls. Looking at my calendar I think I’m going to try to charge pretty hard through the rest of this week and then ease up next week before the Zone meet. I’m not a contender in LCM at this point so I’m not going to try and taper down or anything, just get rested enough to swim so decent times.

2 Responses to “Picked My Events for LCM Zone Championships”

  1. Ahelee says:

    HEY!! There is a way to get an entry in later than "post marked Tuesday July 14th".

    Hand deliver or overnight mail a package to be delivered BEFORE 8pm on Saturday!

    Go Nadadores!

  2. Rob D says:

    Hi Ahelee, how are you doing? I haven't seen you in like a month and a half!

    But yes, you are correct for an extra $10 late entries are ok as long as they show up by Saturday. I'm just trying to encourage the procrastinators to enter at the deadline that guarantees entry acceptance!

    I'll see you and a big pile of Nadadores there yes?