I did half a workout today in Santa Maria because at the time I figured that it would be my last chance to swim until Saturday morning at the LCM Championship meet in Thousand Oaks. As luck would have it, I managed to swap this Friday with next Sunday at work to give me a 3 day weekend. So now the plan is to leave around Lunch time and be down south in time to hang out at the competition pool a little bit and swim a few laps. Plus I bought a pop up tent yesterday that I need to get set up while there is still prime real estate available.

My Fancy new EZ UP Tent… Only $80 at Big 5, score!

My workout today was pretty simple:

400 swim
400 kick
400 pull

100 fly moderately fast
50 free sprint
50 easy

Sprint to In-n-Out Burger because I am a finely tuned athletic machine

1200 yards and 1100 calories total :)

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