I could have sworn that was Mel Stewart in the beginning of the commercial putting on his glasses! I was hoping for something more Happy Gilmore-esque but this works. Subway has revamped their website to be more Phelps-centric and they’re offering wallpaper downloads, pictures and stuff like that.

From: SubwayFreshBuzz.com

Just a reminder for all you swim fans… American Trials for the World Championships are going on right now! You can follow the action with SwimNetwork.com, SwimmingWorldMagazine.com, amongst other places on the web.

3 Responses to “New Michael Phelps Subway Ad”

  1. the17thman says:

    That is Jared putting on his glasses. I also thought hey GMM! Anyways it reminds me of my fav Simpsons quote:

    "I'm a member of this club where if i eat five submarine sandwhiches i get a free submarine sandwhich. you may have seen him on TV, the guy who used to be fat but now he's just ugly…"

  2. Rob D says:

    I figured it out once we got to the full body shots, but he does bare a striking resemblance to GMM from the upper lip to the mid forehead :)

  3. Trev says: