I skipped the pool last night because I was feeling really crappy. I still can’t pin down what was wrong with me, but whatever it was it was still with me a little this morning. I almost didn’t go to my lunchtime workout, but I decided that a swim might be just the thing to break out of it. Turns out it was the correct medicine.

Today I worked really hard on my dolphin kicking off the walls. I realize I don’t get to utilize this much during long course season, but it’s hard to do well and it’s what I felt like working on. Even if the guy I was sharing the lane with kept beating me to the wall, I kept coming up in front of him off the turns. I felt like I was going to die on the 4th 150 of the first set, but in a good way :)

Here’s today’s workout:

700 scull/kick/swim by 25′s

4 x 150 (I really worked the sdk’s)

4 x 125 kick w/ fins

8 x 50 w/ fins odds cruise, evens fast descending (I swam 30, 28, 28, 30. The last one was fly)

300 pull

200 free IM

4 x 25 choice fast (I did fly)

2800 yards total

By the end of the workout I was sufficiently tired and feeling better. At the end of practice one of the guys was talking about wanting to swim the 200 fly at SCM Nationals in Atlanta next year. It reminded me that I need to swim more fly. When I was working out totally by myself I swam way more fly but my workouts were shorter. When I workout in Santa Maria I think I need to get brave and change some of the freestyle sets to fly just to get in the distance. I want to be able to do a (good) 200 fly when I grow up!

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