So I’ve started to swim some self imposed doubles! I don’t think I said so on the blog, but I swam twice on Tuesday and again today. Once for lunch and once for dinner… it sounds like a pretty good idea.

My lunchtime swim was a little weak today. The group was a little distracted and we never really got into anything that hard. It was a good swim, it just kind of lacked the intensity we manage to work in most days

100 swim
200 kick
200 pull

Repeat x 3
50 kick
100 pull
150 swim

6 x 100 IM alt drill/swim

8 x 50 no breathing inside flags

100 cool down

2500 yards total

Swim number two was in Pismo. I’m slowly becoming bionic. I was in there with my H20 Audio and my new fancy finger lap counter thingie. I’m brewing up a review on it that should hopefully be online in a day or so. Short version, I dig it but it is a little weird.

Anyways, thanks to my handy dandy lap counter I know that I swam 34 50′s for a grand total of 1700 yards. I also know that my average 50 was 47.17 which doesn’t sound very fast so I’ll blame that on my drag suit :)

All told I did 4200 yards today… I am way ahead on my Go The Distance stuff this month, I’m 10 1/2 miles deep already! I wonder if I can hit 30 in July…

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