So much for taking it easy this week! We got going pretty quickly and I felt the workout was a little more intense than usual starting with the 4 x 100 non-free kicking set… little did I know that we were working up to something much gnarlier than usual. I could tell it was going to be bad when the guy that wrote the workout was having second thoughts about telling us what he wrote out for the workout. Basically we did 5 400 IM’s 5 different ways. First it was all 25′s descending, then a real deal straight 400 IM, 2 200′s and then 8 x 50 in 400 IM order. Honestly I’m not sure if I’ve ever done an actual (legal) 400 IM. And now that I’ve done it I’m not sure how much I ever want to do it again! It took me like 6 minutes and change to finish. I’m happy I did all this crazy stuff now that I’m done, but at the time I was not so enthused. This is why I need to do some of my workouts with a group, I would never do that to myself on purpose.

Here’s the workout:
300 swim

4 x 100 non-free kick

300 pull

16 x 25 4 of each stroke

2 x 200 free IM (free instead of fly)
4 x 100 IM
8 x 50 IM order

3000 yards total

We also played “hey how old are you?” today. It looks like besides our occasional 19 year old or age grouper I’m the young guy at 28. The funny part is everyone figured I was in their respective age groups. 28, 38… same difference right? I guess being bald does me no favors in the youthful appearance category :)

By the way… if you were at the Santa Barbara LCM meet on the 11th your results are now posted to your MyUSMS account. The full official results aren’t posted just yet. I’ll let you know when they hit the SPMA site.

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