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100 breaststroke action

Today was day 2 of the Zone meet in Thousand Oaks and my first day of racing. There were a ton of people at the pool today, all told it sounds like we were near 400 entries! And lots of first time masters meet swimmers which I think is super awesome. I hope to start seeing a lot of these new faces at more of the in season meets later this year. The meet ran slower than the timeline, but it was smoothly run and it seemed like everyone was having fun and swimming fast.

I started out with the 50m fly. I’ve been chasing a sub 30 second 50 all season and I keep just missing it. I was very determined to finally catch this time before we shift back to short course. I was in heat 10 of 12 in the outside lane. I got a good start and felt really good in the water. I finally managed to get my 29.9 which was my goal time exactly. I’m stoked with this time!

My next event was right after the 50 fly, the 4 x 100m free relay. I’m always excited to swim relays so I was definitly ready for this. I wasn’t excited about leading off the relay though since I just got out of the pool from my first event. Me and Julie switched places and I picked up the anchor spot instead. My relay was me, Julie who swims a lot of meets as well, a younger fast girl that was swimming her first masters meet and a guy in the same spot that I was in last year who just found his way back to competitive swimming. I haven’t swam the 100 free in long course before so I didn’t know what was really going to happen here. Last time I swam a 100 in SCY I went a 58 so I was expecting a 1:08 and was hoping for a 1:07. Much to my surprise I laid down a 1:05! I didn’t even believe it when everyone told me. That translates into like a 56 in SCY so this was a very big welcome surprise. I guess my work in Santa Maria with the masters group there is starting to pay off! I really think in this race I had one of the best starts I’ve ever had. I launched of the blocks and kicked like a madman. I had someone trying to overtake me in the next lane next through the whole 100 but I managed to hold him off. Our relay took 2nd place in the 100-119 age group, and seeing as I heard the team that beat us set a major record of some sort I cool with second on this one :)

My next event was the 100 freestyle… again. I really wanted to duplicate my time from earlier in the day in an official time kind of manner. I swam another 1:05 and I’m pleased with the effort. Kathleen from Rosebowl was nice enough to take some video of this race for me. I tried to upload it to YouTube and after like 2 hours of the progress bar moving incredibly slowly it ended in an error… boo. Anyways, I’ll get it posted when I get home.

I was supposed to swim the 200 IM but I wussed out. I was picked for the 100 fly leg in one of our medley relays and I just can’t do a 100 fly right after a 200 IM.

The 400m medley relay was fun. We had two super fast younger swimmers and then me and Julie again. I was honestly a little apprehensive about the swim because I was getting pretty tired from such a long day in the sun, but I felt smooth in the water. I tried to take it out easy so that I wouldn’t totally gas out on the finish. I managed to swim a 1:09 which has been my default time all season. I really want to get under that 1:09 tomorrow when I swim it as an individual event.

We wrapped the day up with an 800m freestyle relay… charming huh? It was a “take one for the team” kind of a race. We needed the points and there were an overwhelming number of CSA caps out there in this race. We were given the general guidance that it was cool to not go crazy trying to pop off a super fast time just don’t get DQ’d! I cruised to a 2:39 which isn’t great, but it was a good chance for me to feel out the distance since I’ve never done it in long course. We ended up winning first in the 120-159 age group which was pretty cool. Tomorrow I’m hoping to go substantially faster in the 200.

All told this has been an excellent meet. I’m swimming fast, my friends are swimming fast, and it seems like pretty much everybody is here. I’m stoked that things are going so well and I hope to keep it going tomorrow. I’ve been having a hard time with long course season but I seem to finally be making some breakthroughs.

Tony from SCAQ tackles the 200 Fly!

Coach Nancy out front in the 100 backstroke

Men’s 100m Backstroke Stroke Start

Found this guy at the hotel, apparently they call it the Conejo (rabbit) Valley for a reason

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