If you’re planning on being in Indy and are unattached or willing to switch teams (it’s like a 60 day process so you need to get cracking right now if you want in), Rowdy Gaines is looking for you. He followed up the tweet above with the following disclaimer: “No need to be fast, just fun…” So here’s your chance to be a part of Team Blu Frog which up until this point consisted of I believe just Rowdy Gaines.

If you’re into Twitter you can follow Rowdy here. If you’re into bald, fat guys that swim and complain about computers you can follow me here.

5 Responses to “Want to Swim with Rowdy at Masters LCM Nationals in Indy? Here’s Your Chance!”

  1. Tony Austin says:


  2. Rob D says:

    Absolutely… besides the actually paying you part.

    I want to start a virtual team, how awesome would that be? Anybody want to be on the Rob Aquatics National Team?

  3. Ahelee says:

    I have a virtual team in my heart.
    You and Tony are on it!
    Same with that other cool blog guy – Joel! In the SPLISHED out blinged out suits from WH20!

    See you Sunday!

  4. Ahelee says:

    Can I just add here that I do not normally support this type of team building?

    Ultimately it would be great if there were masters teams everywhere. Swimmers could compete with the team they train with everyday.

    But thats' just not the reality -yet. So the "satelite team member" is a solution for swimmers in need of a team to compete with – or a coach to offer training assistance.

    I have softened my stance on this after listening to many good swimming friends talk about the reasons they participate in masters swimming.
    For fun and to be with their friends.
    I agree, it is much more FUN to swim in meets with your FRIENDS.

    And I suppose that it is ultimately the decision of a swimmer to choose to compete on a team created promote a brand name.
    Rowdy has creatively found the way to use his Olympic athlete status to promote both a nutrition line and himself.

    So while I don't always support satelite team members in any old situation, I do want our swimming Olympians to be honored and thrive. Especially when they work to give back to the sport like Rowdy does.

    Good Luck Team BluFrog!

  5. Rob D says:

    I'm not a super fan of building make believe teams just to try and break records, but he said he wasn't necessarily looking for only fast folks which is cool… although the whole promoting a product part turns me off a little bit. If I were going to Nationals by myself without a team I think it could be fun to be part of a team with someone like Rowdy just for the experience, but personally I wouldn't go through the effort of unattaching myself just to do it.

    I think the satellite swimmer idea is an excellent cure for unattached swimmers that want to be more involved in masters socially. I'm a satellite swimmer myself and even though I don't get to train with my team I feel pretty connected to them. I was adopted by CSAM as an unattached swimmer and now that I've been attached to them for the last 6-7 months I've made friends with their competitive group and it's really enriched my masters experience. If I were to join up with a team closer to me geographically it would be pretty much the equivalent of swimming unattached anyways because they don't compete very often and I do all the time. Turns out I'm the only guy from the central coast willing to travel to just about every SoCal meet that I can get to!

    I just started swimming occasionally with a group that I could attach to, but they don't really ever send more than 2 people to a meet and it sounds like they only really show up for the big ones. I'd rather stay connected to my satellite team because they are much more active, it's more fun for me, and I feel like I'm on that team even though I train a mix of by myself and with another workout group.