Today has been kind of rushed, I’ve got a ton so stuff going on but I wasn’t about to give up a swim especially with it being so nice outside! I left the office late and showed up at the pool about 200 yards into the warm up. The IM set we did was a killer! It sounded pretty easy until we actually started swimming it at the prescribed intervals. I was huffing and puffing after the first round and I was pretty burnt by the last one. It was a character building set…

After we did the 8 50′s I had to get out and go look at a house. I’m on the verge of throwing an offer down on a place and I wanted to cruise the neighborhood again just to check it out. Since then I’ve been trying to actually get work done while getting calls from my mortgage guy, my realtor and my girlfriend… hopefully it all works out shortly so that I can get back to focusing on important things like swimming :)

800 reverse IM kick, drill, kick, swim by 50 (showed up late and did about 600 yards)

Repeat x 4
25 fly
50 back
75 breast
100 free
(Don’t remember the intervals but they were quick enough that I got almost no rest)

8 x 50 free pull w/ buoy

50 cool down

2050 yards total

In other news…. I can’t go to the Las Vegas Meet, boo :( I was planning on it but I have too many things up in the air personally to ditch town for 3 days to go to a swim meet and gamble away all my money. I’ll be back in action once the Santa Barbara LCM meet comes around in early July.

If you need an excuse to go to Vegas for a weekend you can get all the info here. It’s a nice pool, indoors, and not too far from the strip… plus warm up opens at noon in case you over do it the night before or have to drive in from LA.

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