The USMS Rules Committee meet over the weekend and has put out an updated statement on the status of techsuits in masters swimming. You can read it in it’s entirety here.

Essentially it is a re-confirmation of the statement we got a couple of weeks ago. No previously allowed suits are banned at this time because FINA has not completed retesting suits and they have not released a definitive list of banned suits. Once FINA announces the results of their retesting USMS will re-investigate their findings and we’ll work from there.

Just to err on the side of caution I sent an email to the USMS Rules Chair (who has been very prompt in answering my questions, thank you!) to make sure I read this right. I also specifically asked her the question everybody wants to know the answer too: Is the B70 legal? Answer: Right now Yes! FINA should be announcing their new suit findings around June 19th so all this could change at that point.

Too catch you up on the Suit Debacle as it stands right now… TYR’s lawsuit against Speedo is moving forward, Blueseventy is suing FINA for general obfuscation and douche-baggery, various countries are ignoring FINA’s rulings until the dust settles just like USMS, USA Swimming pretty much took FINA’s ruling verbatim and clarified points on non technical suits, and basically everyone is pissed off and confused. Awesome.

And the battle continues to move forward, ugh. If you’re super enthralled by the Suit Debacle I highly recommend following Tony’s SCAQ Blog and Joel’s Swim Tech Geek blog for the latest and greatest.

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