So this is what I cart all over the place with me when I go to swim practice. Apparently I am hording goggles, that’s not even the whole collection… and I have 3 more pairs en route as we speak. I have problems :) I’ll only race in one type of goggles but I try out new ones all the time in workout just because.

So here’s what I have in the bag:

1. Speedo Speed Training Fins
2. Nike Pool Buoy
3. H20 Audio Interval (for solo swims only)
4. Swim Cap (to hold down the MP3 player)
5. Gatorade (I have a preference for purple flavored)
6. TYR Socket Rockets, smoked and metallic (for workouts)
7. Mesh blueseventy swim bag (came with my B70 wetsuit)
8. blueseventy Element Goggles (a freebie with my B70 Nero Comp)
9. Speedo Sengar Goggles, smoked and metallic (for racing)
10. Spray-on Sunscreen
11. Lock

So what am I missing? I don’t carry paddles on purpose, they don’t jive well with my shoulder. Anybody playing with any cool new pool toys that I should check out?

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  1. Marytech says:

    Good article about swim bags.