Well I guess in all honesty the whole weekend was lazy. This weekend Pismo Beach is hosting its annual car show and my pool happens to be at the epicenter of the parking mess. They stopped letting gym members park in the lot back on Thursday! The whole 5 Cities area that I live in is home to maybe 50,000. This event brings an extra 100,000 so you can imagine the mess. As a local I find it best to just pretend Pismo doesn’t exist again until the car show is over.

While I wait for everyone to leave town I have had aquatic endeavors on my mind… I bought a new suit and a pile of swedish goggles in various colors from Swim Outlet. I’ve also been researching stand up paddle boarding (SUP). It’s basically riding a giant surf board with a paddle. Supposedly it is an excellent core workout on top of being a lot of fun. I’m thinking about getting out there and renting a board and getting some lessons locally. See if I dig it. I live and work close enough to the beach that I could run down at lunch on the days I’m not swimming and paddle around and surf a few waves for 45 minutes and rush back to work just in time. Anybody have any experience with Stand Up Paddle Boarding? I’m highly curious.

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