It was a gorgeous day out in Santa Maria today and perfect for a lunch time swim. Originally there weren’t going to be any masters workouts this week due to something that had to do with the building, but I got an email early saying that if we wanted to swim we could. I really needed this today! I have all kinds of housing drama going on at the moment and I needed sometime in the pool to burn it off.

Anyways, we were faced with a lane line-less 50m pool so we ended up doing something kind of fun and a little out of the ordinary. We swam around the edges of the pool instead of just back and forth. It had a total open water lake swim type of vibe. There was a good breeze running that was pushing some water around. There were 3 of us and everyone swam 2 laps and sat out one. At all times one of us was on deck watching the other 2 swim. I could have done this all day. I mainly swam free but I did sneak in about 50m or fly and 50m of backstroke.

200 warm up

about 10 x 145m open water-esque circles

1620m total

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