I put in a solid 3000 yards at the pool in Santa Maria this afternoon. I must have done a good job because I’m way more sore than usual after a swim. Our workout group was a little light today, I ended up with my own lane which was nice. There wasn’t a prepared workout for us so here’s what the group came up with…

500 mixed warm up (free down, choice back)

5 x 100 kick @2:00

5 x 100 IM odd drill, even swim @1:45

4 x 100 breath control (3,5,7,9) @1:30

100 easy

Repeat x 2
3 x 100 free descending @1:30
200 easy

I really wish I could go do this everyday. It would be magical if the high school pool like 2 miles from my office had a masters group, but sneaking off 2 days a week to swim in Santa Maria will have to do. At least the people down there are super cool. And for pretty much the first time I actually have a tan which is exciting for me :)

In other news… TYR is on the verge of some legal action over the way FINA flubbed the whole suit thing. They got shafted in the retest process because they didn’t bring their own scientist. So other suits that are incredibly similar got back in while the Titan was left out. Check out the full deal here and a little more here.

In response to all of this Roland Schoeman (South African Olympic swimmer) has started to stir up interest for an International Swimmers Association. Kind of like a lobbying group for swimmers. You can read more about it on Facebook where in just a few days the group has grown to more than 1200 members.

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