I spent a little more time with my new H2O Audio Interval water proof iPod thingie tonight, and so far so good. My only real gripe with it when I first tried it out was that it kind of drifts on the back of your head when you’re swimming. Not in an unusable way but in a slightly irritating way. I think I’ve found my fix for it though… a basic latex cap.

When you throw a cap over the top of it it’s not going to go anywhere. The cap isn’t going to exert enough pressure on the buttons to randomly change the song or the volume on you. Plus you can still use all the buttons through the cap.

I would assume this wouldn’t necessarily work for everybody. If you have a lot of hair this may be a no go. However if you have short hair, or no hair like me, this is a pretty good way to make the H20 Audio easier to use.

Anyways, back to actual swimming… tonight I did a real free flow kind of workout. I started with about 25 solid minutes of swimming with my music playing. I would have gone even further without stopping but I accidentally swallowed some pool water… gross. My day would have been complete without drinking health club water. After my mini break I did a reverse 400 IM. I followed it up with a sprint 50 fly and then a few hundred more yards of freestyle to cool down. Tomorrow I should be down in Santa Maria for a workout there.

3 Responses to “H2O Audio Interval Round Two”

  1. JLB says:

    Are you wearing just one cap? I just ordered one of these things.

  2. Rob D says:

    JLB – Yep just 1 regular cap. I've tried Latex and Silicon, both work fine for me. I have a shaved bald head so I need a cap to hold the thing down to let me stay focused on swimming. You might be able to get away without using a cap, I think a lot of it just depends on your hair situation.

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