It’s been in the works for a long time, but the Fitness Logs are finally live on the USMS website. The Fitness Logs are available through your MyUSMS profile. If you’re not already signed up with MyUSMS I highly suggest you do it.

The cool thing about these fitness logs is that you can track your workouts online now instead of in a spreadsheet that you have to extract data from and send monthly to Mary who runs the program. When we first talked to Mary back in December the program had about 600 participants, now we’re up over 900! I’m guessing that she is very excited about this development, I think she just got the first week of each month back.

Tracking your workout via the USMS website is totally easy. First you have to sign into your MyUSMS profile and click the “My Fitness Log” link. This brings you to the calender. On the days that you have recorded a workout you’ll see a little icon in the corner of the date. To add a workout, click on a date.

On the next page choose what kind of workout you did, we’re sticking with swimming for this example.

On the final screen choose the course you swam, enter the distance, enter the time spent swimming, and you can enter any workout notes that you want in the big box on the bottom. When your done just click the “Add Workout” button and you’re good to go.

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