I’m staying in Orange County this weekend since I had to be down here for a swim meet anyways. This morning I dropped in and worked out with the Mission Viejo Nadadores. The masters were swimming SCY this morning which was just fine with me, LCM isn’t really my thing.

The workout was scheduled for 3000 yards but I swam about 2700 because I had some gnarly cramping going on at the end of the workout.

400 choice

8 x 75 (25 kick/50 free) @1:10

Repeat x 2
10 x 50 free (4 @:40, 1 @1:00)
2 x 100 free 1:15

400 kick (I swam about 200)

200 cool down (I swam about 100)

2700 yards total

The intervals were a little fast for me but I held on ok. I kind of felt like a dork for having to hang on to the wall for a while to try and un-cramp myself. It was one of those super strong cramps that starts in you quad and finishes in you calf. It still hurts now that I’m back hotel!

A big thank you to the Nadadores and Coach Mark for letting me drop in and work out with them! Tomorrow I’ll be back in Mission Viejo for the LCM meet, see you kids at the pool.

2 Responses to “Dropping in with the Nadadores”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Hey Rob… a little too much birthday party the night before workout??

    Glad you made it in to swim in Nadadore territory today!
    Be sure to hydrate well tonight – and really stretch that leg out.

    Sometimes those cramps can really cause sore muscles the next day.

    I get cramps in my legs a lot and so I definitely know…

  2. Rob D says:

    Unfortunately no… my birthday was pretty tame and the day after was spent working and driving… today was my first day to actually try and have some fun!

    My leg is still pissed off at me, I don't know if this is going to mellow out by tomorrow. I'm hoping for the best!