Hey great! More Swimsuit drama! < /sarcasm >

Here’s some interesting news from Swimming World Magazine:

“the Dubai Charter on swimsuit rules is not being applied to Masters swimming by FINA.

“In fact, the Dubai Charter is not applicable to Masters,” FINA Press Commission member Pedro Adrega told Swimming World. ” (read the whole thing here)

Ultimately I’m not totally sure what to think of this. Originally I think the Dubai charter was supposed to set rules for the World Champs in Rome and be a harbinger of swimsuit rules to come. So I guess technically it wasn’t necessarily meant to specifically apply to masters. However when it was announced everyone assumed that it applied to Masters just as much as anyone else covered by FINA and USMS made some rule adjustments in accordance. There was no reason to think that there would be a distinction between organizations within FINA and it was never stated that they had any intention of treating us any differently.

So basically the whole thing is a mess. A thread has already popped up on the USMS Forum about this and Executive Director Rob Butcher has published the following comment:

Kathy Kasey Chair of the Rules Committee is USMS spokesperson on this issue. Whatever statements Kathy issues is the position of USMS. The statement she issued on behalf of the Rules Committee on June 1 still stands (http://www.usms.org/rules/20090601swimsuits.pdf). The Rules Committee continues to monitor the situation and gather information on a daily basis. What is clear is the Recognition and Awards Committee is continuing to accept world records and Top 10 swims for Masters certification.

As more information is made available and the Rules Committee is able to analyze, they will issue statements.

It sounds like this little nugget of excitement is news to USMS and the plan remains to stick to business as usual until FINA gets a grip on what they’re actually trying to do. As far as my little tiff with Craig Lord, I think I’m still right but he does score a point in this little fiasco.

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