Normally I swim in Santa Maria on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I have a meeting on Tuesday and no time on Thursday so I moved one of my swim days to Monday instead. I was a little late getting to the pool because of the school’s out parking situation and I missed the warm up.

I swam just over 2700 yards which put me over 20 miles for the month. This is my best month so far in Go The Distance. Next month I want to step it up to 25 miles. By the way if you’re haven’t checked out the GTD Fitness Logs, you really should.

Here’s today’s swim:

Repeat x 3
200 kick
3 x 100 drill
4 x 50 descending

12 x 50 w/ fins, 6 dolphins off each wall

50 cool down

2750 yards total

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