**UPDATE: Results have been posted here.

I swam the Mission Viejo Nadadore’s LCM meet today and I’m sore and tired and glad I made the trip down :) I think Mission Viejo is the furthest away from my house I can go and still be in the SPMA region, but the facility is excellent and it’s been like 3 weeks since I’ve been to a meet so I had to go. I made a whole weekend out of it. Me and Heidi drove down to Orange County on Friday after work and just enjoyed some time away from home. I did a practice with the Nadadores Saturday morning and then we spent the rest of the day split between being lazy next to the pool at the hotel and stimulating the local economy.

The meet itself went really smoothly and had pretty decent attendance with quite a few unfamiliar faces mixed in. It wasn’t as big as a lot of the SCY meets we had earlier this year, but it was definitely much larger than the LCM meet at Santa Clarita the week after Nationals. And it was fast out there today! At least in my age group anyways. A lot of these non-championship meets don’t seem to bring out many guys in the 25-29 age group, but this one had some really fast dudes out there! Part of me is glad to see more younger guys show up for masters meets… the other part of me is going to miss blue ribbons for a while!

My first event was the 50m fly. This is my 3rd time swimming it LCM and I really like this event. It’s very weird to swim fly that far without turning, but it really lets you build up a rhythm. I felt like my start was pretty solid, and my underwater dolphin kicking felt really good. I finished up with a 30.38 which is within .02 seconds of my best time. I really want to get it under 30, but I’ll take a low 30 for right now.

After this event I had a pretty healthy break. I hung out in the bleachers talking with my Coach and one of my CSAM teammates who also happens to have Wisconsin roots. For whatever reason Coach Nancy is a Wisconsinite magnet… she must have like 8 of us. Unfortunately we were one swimmer short for some relays. Hopefully we’ll have enough of a crowd at the Santa Barbara meet next month to try out some relays before the SPMA LCM Champs that Conejo Simi is hosting.

Eventually, it was my turn to swim the 100 fly. Normally I enjoy the 100 fly, but the 100 fly in long course is a bit of an acquired taste. I was in the 3rd of 3 heats, just barely. I did finish higher up in the heat than I was seeded though so that was nice. I went out in around a 32 and finished with a 1:09.88. Again it was really close to a best time, but not quite. I missed by about .12 seconds. Even though my final time was almost the same, this was a much better swim than my 1st time out (and best time) at San Luis Obispo. In the SLO meet my stroke completely disintegrated with about 15m left. This time I started to gas out but I didn’t fall apart which is good. Honestly this was only the second time I’ve ever even completed a 100 lcm fly! I don’t really get the chance to swim long course that much so I just have to wing it when I go to long course meets.

Last up was the 50 free. My main goal here was to go under 30 seconds. I had my best start of the day in this race and the swim itself was fairly strong. I had some issues with breathing though. It keeps happening when I sprint that I get a mouthful of water when I try to breath. It doesn’t happen when I’m swimming at normal speeds, so it’s kind of an odd problem. Anyone have any theories? Anyways, I finished just inside of my goal with a 29.97

Overall it was a good meet for me and a fun weekend. I didn’t swim any best times, but I am doing a lot of different stuff in my training that I’m still getting acclimated to. To be this close to my times being as sore and tired as I was is a good sign that I’m on the right track.

Next up is Las Vegas on the 20th. I was definitely planning on going to this one but it’s been moved into the “tentatively” scheduled column. I’m in attempts to buy myself a house and disappearing to Vegas for a few days in the middle there might not be the right answer. We’ll see how this goes… I want to do it, it’s just a matter of whether I can make it or not.

Random action! I’m pretty sure that is 86 year old Jurgen Schmidt who just so happened to win his heat of the 200 back by a pretty hefty margin

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